short post – it happens eh!

It has been a rush around week – meetings and large project at work and stuff after work.  I don’t know if I am overwhelmed, sad, tired or all of the above.  I think all of the above.  I could feel sadness crawling around me today.  Not bad, just enough to say – hey you bug off. I am not heading down that road tonight. I am home alone for a change and I  am planing some yoga later.  It will be a push for tha,t cause I feel like pouring a glass of wine and sitting in my bed and listening to sad songs and hiding.  Can’t, my family left a mess in the kitchen and I have laundry to finish so I must keep busy or I will lose myself to the voices calling.  There is a student at the hospital tonight one of our students from school on suicide watch. I want to go and talk to him.  The parents are blaming the situation on a minor incident at school but I don’t think they realize that if a teen is attempting it, it’s because he has been thinking about it for a while. I was at Sick Kids down town visiting another student who is going through cancer treatments.  Its a rough go for the father and son. I feel for them but  God is in control and I keep praying. I may go visit some more later.

I am not having a crisis of faith.  I know God is my centre, I continue to look to him to hold me and protect me and he does, and when I am unable to God covers me over to protect me.  But I get frustrated, frustrated with feeling down, frustrated because in my meditations God keeps telling me to heal the broken-hearted and I don’t know how.  frustrated with a couple of people at work that irritate me.  I am frustrated that sometimes I can’t control my temper or my mind or my body, how am I suppose to help others. I know the answer to all these things I know I should quiet my soul and meditate on Gods word and give it all to him, complete surrender, I know I should tell the negative voices to go away and resist the devil and all his ways.  Tonight I am tired, and the negative voices know I am tired and are pulling at me. I know I need to let the frustration go and seek the Loving God I have, and trust him to show me his way, in his way and in his time.  But sometimes its like being on a diet in a chocolate factory the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Sometimes they both are weak.

So tonight I will finish my chores, pick up my daughter from field hockey and then my son from his part-time job and try to ignore the brokeness that is trying to drown me, resist the urge to drink a glass of wine and eat something.

Good night!


3 thoughts on “short post – it happens eh!

  1. As you seek Him, He will reveal Himself more to you! Merry Christmas!

  2. Naphtali says:

    You are God’s child; I love your honesty and how you care for others even in your own state. That is commendable. Often it is the answer. Blessings….

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