In the mist that swirls in my mind, in the colour of light and dark,
I see a pillar of light, a beacon of warmth calling me, his child.
But the waves below my feet, lick at my soul.
I am Peter on the water, walking towards my Lord.
The waves are trying to distract me, the dark mist to intimidate.
My confidence wavers, I tremble deep with in.
In the depths of my heart is the part.

Oh Lord hold me close, as the darkness approaches.
Come close to the brokenhearted, the crushed in spirit.


2 thoughts on “Mists

  1. So glad my God came to bind up us broken-hearted and spirit-crushed folk. So glad to worship that kind of a God.

  2. So glad that my God is a God who came to bind up us broken-hearted, spirit-crushed folk. I am thrilled to worship a God like that.

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