After weird

Today is a little calmer, I am still feeling agitated, but I think my hangover is making me feel less cranked up like yesterday and broke my rule no texting while drinking, darn it, and my husband found me at 4:30 am sleeping on the couch. The one thing that has been bugging me is, I don’t remember laying down on the couch in the first place. I am feeling exhausted and shaky. I don’t know why– well drinking too much wasn’t smart, however before last night I was shaky, angry, withdrawn.   I don’t know why I was feeling that way.  I haven’t changed my drugs, haven’t missed any, I should be on some type of even keel.  I don’t understand.

I am heading out this evening for a fund-raiser dinner – formal – Got new dress, it should be real fun. It’s a event I have always wanted to go to but the tickets are way to rich for me, but we are going this year and I can’t wait. There are of course my usual concerns. I hope I can get through the night. I hope I don’t have an episode, like yesterday. I talked to my psychiatrist about this, I was told it is a usual concern. -_- ya seriously!

I have no more to write today, my brain is empty, I am not connecting thoughts well today, but I am alive and at work and accomplishing stuff, so count your blessings.

till next time…….


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