Week after Thankgiving

Been a week or so since I wrote.  Its been a good time.  Thanksgiving was last weekend and it was wonderful. I got to spend some time with family and my best friends.  I had my son home from college – it was great to spend time with him, joke around, I miss him so much but that is what happens when they get older.  They move out and move on.  Its Friday night and I am sitting around with my husband listening to some blues and having a little drink to celebrate the week is over.  I have been working on some projects at work, and I have almost completed one.  That will happen next week then onto the next thing.  Everything about this job is new and its been great.  I still get a little sad sometimes.  I usually feel that way when I drive to work or home.  I have been trying to keep my head above water. So far so good – lately

I have been trying little tricks to keep myself from falling into the traps of depression.  There are times one can do that.  When I feel that sadness coming to sneak up on me I try to keep busy.  Read a book, exercise, or cook.  I talk myself out of it.  When I an feeling sad and my energy starts to zap.  I just remind myself that I am tired and if I work out and get all the things that need to be done that day I will feel more tired at night and sleep better.  When I am sitting in church I tell myself that I will not let the darkness talk myself out of my Savours love or forgiveness.  I keep a diologue of positiveness and try to avoid the darkness that want to surround me.  The darkness leaves for a while.  It sits in a car across the street watching and waiting trying to decide if it wants to ring the doorbell or sneak in the back door.  In mean time I try to keep the doors locked and my eyes upward and fill my heart with light and love.  Its like a rollercoaster that you are lifted up and you throw your hands up and scream in joy, before the crash.

I am not trying to make a selfulfilling proficy, it is what happens with depression.  Like any illness you have your good days and your bad. Today is a good day, tomorrow well in the words of Jesus tomorrow will have its own trouble, —

till next time…………..


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