730 Days

730 days, I have been thinking your name.

There is a dark spot on my heart.

A sadness that will never go away

We miss you each and every day,

since you threw a life away,

stuck in the darkness of the grave.

I understand the lonely road you walked

In silence you fought.

The pain so deep, so hard,  you could not escape.

I’m sorry that rainy day, I didn’t stop and stay.

I’m sorry I didn’t take the time, to talk and listen by your side.

How alone you must have been, with no friend.

I once passed you by – I didn’t know you would be soon out of time.

I see you in my dreams in that chair, with your book, and that look.

I didn’t know you were walking a line .

I passed you by.


6 thoughts on “730 Days

  1. This is so heartfelt. . .I don’t know the story. . .however, it can be related too. Blessings to you. . .

    • Thank you for your note. I really appreciate it

      • It was about my friends son who took his life 2 years ago. He was 21 from a good family full of love and God and all things good and right. His depression got the better of him. The last I saw him was 3 months before – my family and his family were camping – I watched him sit in the rain with a book – looking so sad, and I passed him by- he looked like he needed some space. I figured he is 21 and a man he didn’t need his Mother’s friend needling into his business. I know that one moment might not have made a difference- but it does make you wonder. Today he is in God’s hands, and my family help his family try to heal. It is another reason I started this blog, to share the pain and victories that come with this illness. Thank you for reading.

      • Words don’t describe the feelings of loss for you, that family that lost their son and those closely involved.
        Losing a child is the hardest grief to experience.
        My condolences to you all.
        And I know you may be thinking what if you had just talked to him, would he still be here? But not to fret, because God knew when he was going to be with his son again.
        Blessings to you. . .but most of all peace. May God give you all the peace and serenity in the world.
        But also to know just how much God loves us. . .that he watched His only son murdered before him, voluntarily to just show us how much he loved us. . .your friend and the families son, surely rests in a better place. Oh, a much better place.

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