Research and thinking

I have been sitting on an island for 4 days now. Once in a while I get off but most of the day and night that is where I sit. I have had a wicked cold, and slept on the couch to keep from waking my husband. Its the first time in 21 years of marriage that my husband and I have been in the same house but slept in different rooms. I took two days off work, but back now. Slowly recovering. This winter is my winter to get sick, It is rarely I do get sick — but it seems once in every 5 years its my year– and this is my year! But I am getting better day by day.

I have depression wise been ok, its hard to be depressed when you can’t stop coughing!!!!! Actually its been ok. I called my doctor today to see if the psychiatrist I saw a month ago had submitted the report yet. No. So I am thinking and researching my meds. I am on Cipralex and Wellbutrin.   I am considering going off the first and staying on the second.   I think the Cipralex has been hard on my body and its time to maybe make a change.   Its just something I am rolling in my mind. But like anything always consult your doctor before starting or stopping something.  I won’t do anything till talk to her but in the mean time…… researching and thinking.


till next time………………..


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