Sunday Night Prayer

Dear Lord I Thank you for the Peace I have felt this weekend.  I Thank you for the ability to move, create, do.  I have accomplished lots, my o c d is satisfied, my house is clean. I thank you for clarity this weekend, I have been able to think, read, write. I have cooked for my family and been a help to my husband. I have put my week in order and for that Dear Lord I thank you.  Is my pain gone. No, It is still stuck to me like glue.  I take it everywhere like dirt on my shoes. It is apart of my life-like my tattoos are apart of my skin.   Forgive me my doubts, my arrogance, my selfishness, my words without wisdom, for they are not what I want to put forth, but it is what races ahead.  You sit upon a throne, You are God, creator of all, me and my weak mind. I need to be mindful of my place. be mindful of who you are, and not turn myself into my god. Or blame all on this illness and my dark friend.  You are in control, you use all to your good, you are the Almighty one, the Great I am. Trust in the Lord your God for he is Good, trust and not worry, trust and turn away from sin, turn away from having to be in control, turn from darkness, loss, and loneliness.  My pain may not be gone, but God is with me.   Be with me and my family this week as for forge ahead in this life  The Love and peace that goes beyond all understanding. Praise be to God and his Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen


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