One pill at a time

It’s the middle of September, made it through a month of work. Its been ok, very busy, keeping me on my toes. I needed a break so my husband and I went to our favorite Provincial Park and went camping. The evenings were cold but we had a fantastic dinner, sat in front of a fire cuddled up in our tent trailer and slept in Sunday Morning. We talked and talked and talked about everything. It was a really good weekend balm for my soul, and our marriage. We felt like we had been on a long vacation and it was only over night.

I have reduced one of my meds– can’t remember if I mentioned this before previous blog, but I have and with out my Doctor’s advisement. I am beyond numb and I want to feel something so I am reducing one some. I have also decided to check out a Naturpathic Doctor. I saw her a week ago. I went through some testing and basically said I am in great health (“great now what” – I am thinking) but my adrenals are extremely low and could be causing some of my exhaustion problems. I tell her I want to be off the antidepressants and for now she doesn’t want me to touch the dose for now. So I continue on. In the mean time she prescribes some things to help improve the adrenals and my exhaustion. I didn’t tell her that I had a complete work up of blood tests a month or so ago I wanted to get an idea if she was for real or not. As we went through the testing she told me my thyroid was normal, iron is slightly off and blood pressure normal, and everything else she tested was normal– exactly what my medical doctor had told me. I have read and read and read so much on hormones and adrenals and everything I could on  menopause – listened to every TV show on the subject, and researched for at least the past 10 years so when she started to talk I knew what she was saying and it wasn’t anything new to me. So why did I go? the question is where to you start; from a natural point of view, to help yourself. Walk into Shoppers go to the vitamin section– what should I buy?? Lord knows I have bought most of it and thrown out just as much cause I forget to take it or it doesn’t work. But the Naturapath knows the right combinations and what interacts with what drugs, that is the important thing. Right off the bat when I started my antidepressants I was told by my family doctor not to take St John’s Wort cause it will not mix with the other drugs. So this Naturpathic Dr. takes the guess-work out of how much, what should I take, and not a dozen other things I think I need, but my body doesn’t use and I end up peeing money away. So I am relieved that way,
and this seems logical to me as a right step.

So I take my little baggy from the Doctor’s office and head home. I get home set my new collection out on the counter tell my husband all about the apt and head on with my life. This is week two of taking my little collection… and it dawns on me this morning (little slow -I am) I have gone from taking a pill in the morning and a pill at night to one liquid vit. and 3 other Vit.pills. Then I take 3 at lunch and my other pill in the evening. So to get off the anti depressant pills I have to take a teaspoon of liquid and 3 other pills more than once a day (picture head slowly tapping on a wall) Ironic !
Welcome to my life, one pill at a time , life of the mentally ill.
till next time………………..


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