And Now

And now it is the middle of November.  I have been to my naturopathy twice now and I take one liquid and 4 pills of various sorts to help calm my hormones and strengthen my depleted adrenals.  I go back in a few weeks for reassessment.

How have I been feeling?  I could still use some sleep.  I have fallen a sleep over the past week or so on my lunch, but maybe that is because I am reading Nietzsche.  😛  I have not lost weight I have put more on, and I can say I am not happy about that, but I am feeling better.

I went to church on Sunday and held out my arms in praise to God and surrendered my soul to him.  I thanked him for the gifts of family, and friends, and all gifts he bestows upon me even though I am unworthy to receive the love and gifts he gives I am still blessed.  I have been feeling happier, and can say I am less fearful, for this week. The ebb and flow of this illness may raise its ugly head but for now I bask in the light of my father.

What changed??? what was the revelation, phrase, event that has put me in this place.  There is none.  The chemicals have aligned for now and as we ease into the Christmas season, I may even enjoy this one.  At this moment the ghosts of Christmas passed had retreated and I hope never to come again.

So today as I hold onto the Day that the Lord has made, I pray a prayer of thanks giving and ask for Gods protection against the evil that lurks on this earth.



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