Still holding the twig

I found the twig as I slid down my mountain and managed to hold on to it for a few days now.  I have managed to take two breaths.  My mind seems to have some clarity everything was mush last week I didn’t know what was right or wrong. This week is a bit better.   Yesterday was Ash Wednesday , a year ago I was in a ball on the bench in church.  A cloud of darkness had surrounded me and the more the pastor spoke the more my mind screamed.  I could not understand the words it was garbled and it all made no sence.  When the service was done I ran from the church to my house.  I was scared, dark, alone, deep in a pit where there was no light, no hope.  yesterday was different.  I was able to be apart of the service.  I could hear the words, I could pray with the congregation.  I spent a heartfelt time in God‘s home and was able to pray the secrets my heart that need to be told and ask for forgiveness.  Now the hard part forgiving myself.

As I was preparing for the service I was fasting and praying.  I have struggled with eating disorders over the past year.  I have gained the 15 pounds I lost and according to my Mom I look better,  being so skinny I was losing my good looks.  Mom’s got to love them!  I could go days without eating when I hate myself.  But Wednesday I was fasting as a preparation for the service to help me focus on God my Father and to focus on his majesty.  It was so hard!  It was interesting. The devil when he tells me the lies he wants me to believe; that my mind when I am sliding into depression grabs so easily, convince me that I am unworthy of loving myself and loving others.  To deny myself food or to indulge in alcohol is so easy.  When I do it for God it is so hard.  The devil will pick at me to give in because the flesh is weak.  But my mind is stronger this day so I could do it.  Tomorrow?? I don’t know – this is what bothers me the most. The uncertainty of it all.  The inability to trust myself, and the easiness to punish me for its instability.  This depressions ups and downs also makes my friends look at me one way or another.  They  gage, is she good or bad.  Sometimes I think people avoid me because it’s too much work to figure out where I am and what they can do, which makes them feel helpless.  So they avoid you or shun you because they are uncomfortable, which makes the isolation feelings that comes with depression even stronger and you slide a little deeper a little farther down the mountain.  I am not saying it is everyone else’s fault I feel I need to pull away or I my mood falls down.  It’s just an observation, no blame being laid.

So what else has been happening in my life.  Well maybe I am my own worst enemy.  My daughter is heading to Panama for a mission trip.  We are fund-raising and getting all the paperwork completed for her to go so that is one issue.  The second issue is she needs some shots before she goes so I have to make those appointments.  My son is off to college in the fall so I am in the process of getting him retested for his learning disability so he can get the services from college he needs. That is a lot of work and he also needs to be spending some time on applying for scholarships, more paperwork.  Then to make things even more interesting I applied for a new job at a new school.  More responsibility and a new situation so I will have so much to learn, if I get it.  I must be nuts.

So starting next week I am trying a new drug.  It is hormone related and we will see how it goes so many things to organize and then a new drug in the mix.

Lord I need you help here, help me get this all together and help me to proceed and get it all together.  All these things  I put into your hands Lord because  I know I can’t do it.   Amen


2 thoughts on “Still holding the twig

  1. Naphtali says:

    The enemy placed more garbage in my mind than I can count when i was going through the change. It was as if I lost myself amongst the misery of the physical issues mixed with the emotional. I always felt I was crawling out of something. I was overloaded with responsibilities and i couldn’t take care of myself. But God did. A lot of it I don’t even remember now. Hang in there. God loves you and one more thing. I was always harder on myself due to the guilt. God isn’t. He gives us rope; we just have to grab it.

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