Day After!

I am reading what I wrote over the past day or so — I really do not remember what I wrote.  Some of the words surprise me. I was in a rant of a mood last night.  It is in that state of mind that I do not remember things.  I try never text or email when I am in a mood like that cause I can really embarrase myself.  And I especially stay away from Facebook and my BBM.  I seem to have a bad memory lately.  I do not remember things like last evening when I wrote my last posting on the blog.  Thanksgiving weekend. My great neice broke a glass and I got out the central vac. hose to clean it up.  Instead of putting it away I set it aside in the family room and the next morning I said – Crap I left the hose out what a rotten host I am not to put away my cleaning stuff I can’t believe it.  My Mom clued me in that I left if out after my great neice broke the glass.  I do not for the life of me remember vacumning or the broken glass. 
As a Mom I know Mom’s forget stuff.  But this isn’t forgetting what you went upstairs to get, or forgot an apt. or if my daughter works tonight or tomorrow night.  This is missing time in the middle of an event or day.  Blocks of time I can not recall.  Apparently I forgot that I broke a plastic glass at the last work event.  I would have remembered that one– for sure.
It is a side effect.  It doesn’t help that I have a glass of wine or two when I am out or having dinner with family.  It frightens me that I can’t remember. It just adds to the unsettlement
Maybe I should learn to slow down try to relax, I have been feeling uptight lately
till next time……………………..

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