Sunday night in Feb.

Friday was a bad day… it ended with me sitting up to 2 in the morning. Partly because I was waiting from my daughter to return from a party and secondly cause I couldn’t sleep. Saturday was less jittery. It was a good day to be honest. I was feelng a little off, but I spent a nice, close, family day with my husband and my daughter. We had one of those days that you thank God for, cause it makes you feel like maybe you are a good parent and it was a close loving day. No big reason for it, the three of us spent most of the day together – talking about my daughter’s future in school and we discussed what it meant to be a family and she even said she appreciated us—-my 16 year old’s words!!!!. I am being funny but she had a Ah Ha moment and we spent the day together and it was wonderful. She is such a good kid. I love her so much.
Sunday -we went to church it was nice… we did our clean the house duty, my daughter worked, my husband and I spent some time together – he had a nap and I cleaned up some stuff and then I sat down fell asleep. I don’t know why – but I did. Feeling sad today. No reason. No darkness, no family drama, no nothing – just sad.
I have been making me do stuff today– a little cleaning up of the house, dusting etc. right now I am done. No more energy. I did do some yoga this aft. I stretched and calmed my nervers, and had a nap. That is a good thing I think– not sure that is to be the result yoga instructors want!?

I have no more words for tonight. I am feeling a little out of it. I an not putting thoughts together very well tonight.
Monday and back at it.
till next time……..


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