Dear Lord

Dear Lord I am praying tonight for the brokenhearted. Me included, but more than me, I have been traveling around the past few days talking to old friends and people from my home town. Hearing their stories of late, having them tell me stories of past, stories about me and how I made them laugh long ago. I don’t know how this happened, I know you put them in my path these past days. I prayed with and for them. I am pulled down by the pain and heartbreak they are enduring but Lord I hope I was able to show your love and light to them. God bless them and show them the Light and the way. I need to spend more time with my Mom. She needs my help. Help me find the energy, time, and clarity to help her. Bless the people who are broken hearted and love them dear Lord. All these things I place into your hands and pray the prayer that never fails, may your will be done. Amen


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