Today I am back from visiting my Mom and doing some stuff for her. I left two men in a hours for 36 hours and have spent most of this morning cleaning up after them! Men! I have been sleeping like you would not believe. Its been 10 to 12 hours a night. I am still tired but I am heading out with a friend to hike so maybe I can get some fresh air and wake up! I have that tingly feeling this morning — not shakey but could be. I can’t stop thinking about the people I met in Stratford yesterday while Mom and I were hacking around down town. People I haven’t thought about in over 20 years. People who knew me when I was a pastry chef in Stratford, and before. Talking how they remember me from those days and why they remember me. One lady I knew her son in high school and spent some time at their place a few times when we were picking him up for a party or dance. He died about 15 years ago, she never talks about him. My Mom didn’t even know he had passed. I sent her a card then telling her how much fun her son was and how I will always remember him. She stills remembers to this day, and told my Mom how I used to make them laugh when we came over way back then. I have to admit I was taken a back.

I guess this story is a reminder that no matter what you do in life, no matter who you run into, little things do mean alot. Twenty to 30 years later people remember something I can’t remember. Its humbling, but in the same breath its nice to know I did something nice. Depression makes one feel so useless and unworthy, but you are the ripples in a pond of the world. Please note I didn’t say a storm in a quiet sea, cause sometimes that is how my brain feels. Life is not centeralized, we need to decide what ripples we want to make in life. Love ripples, supportive ripples, or hate ripples and ripples that create brokeness.

Thought for today–


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