Cold Summer

Back from Camping it was a good get away, lots of activity and kayaking, hiking. Emotionally, I only had one night I was slipping and my Husband was on me like you would not have believed, he has good intentions but sometimes I just need to feel it, talk to myself deal with it. I was only a night, I bounced back the next day. I worked out in the morning, went swimming in the afternoon – had a nap, felt better. We packed for our weekend when it was hot – when we got camping it was cold, a little shock to go to pants and sweaters.
I haven’t heard from the anxiety clinic – will call tomorrow. So many things going on that I am a little stressed, son going back to college getting paperwork and stuff together. I am away from the weekend with out the kids so maybe I can relax get a reprieve and come back refreshed and go forward and get everyone launched at the end of August.

That is it for now. till next time…………


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