Truth Word Light

The hand of God, unending, boundless, yet unseeing.
The word of God, life, living, true, yet unheard.
The light of God, warm, endless, never-ending, yet unseen.

The hand of God can not be seen when your head is in your hands.
The word of God can not be read if your eyes are closed.
The light of God can not be felt if you hide yourself in the darkness.

Though the world covers our senses and begs us to not see, hear, or feel.
The truth is, God holds us in his hand with tender love.
His word is His truth of his character and love
His light is our shelter, his guide, his love.

So sinner I say to you to not wallow in the darkness of shame, lift your head.
See the love, the light, the truth, and repent, and live the life God wants you.
The darkness is close but fight it with the help of God and hold onto his truths;
not the yelling in your head for the word of God is not shouted to you, but is a gentle whisper.
The light of God does not attack you like the dark, the word of God does not taunt.
But when you bath in the light of truth the peace of God comes and crowds out the dark, the rude, the hatred. Run away in the light, and hide in plan sight, for the darkness hides from the light, and cowers to the truth.

till next time………….


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