Hanging around

I wish to be hanging around, but my days seem to be filled with little jobs. I have been a little anxious this week but not just because of my depression – just feeling overwhelmed. I have been popular. That sounds silly but my husband wants me to do this….. my kids want me to take them here or there not just to shop, but to do things that need to be done. Even my neighbor wanted me to go with him to do some shopping. I just wanted to stay home and get some work done there, and to pay some bills, make some calls etc. The other thing I am a little anxious about is I am going to Ottawa on Sunday for a couple of days to take my daughter to a concert with her friend, and to do some sight seeing with my Mother. I have made the hotel arrangements and such its a case of the unknown and I makes me a little nervous. I have put that to the back of my mind, I will take some time later to deal with it. today maybe I can get myself on track…. we will see

A week later.

Well here we are a week later. I went to Ottawa with my Mother, my daughter and her friend. We had a great time. I put worrying about the whole thing on the back burner, and by the time I had time we were there. I hadn’t been on a road trip with out my husband in 20+ years so it was freeing to hop in the car and take off. I don’t mean from my husband – it was a girl thing so it was cool. I did well — no anxious moments, I managed to keep everyone happy and got the ones who had to be somewhere where they had to be and was tour guide the rest of the time and we really enjoyed ourselves.
Home now and I have two weeks before I go back to school and I have a few things I want to do, husband back at work now, kids working, I get a little peace and quiet for a few days. Praise God.
Been feeling good, getting lots of exercise, doing ok. 🙂
till next time…………….


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